Hey all!  So, I tried to post about Carnival of Parahorror on the weekend of August 25-27, but, unfortunately, Harvey got in the way.  I know authors can be a wee bit self absorbed, but even I couldn't tell my web hosting company, "Yeah, sorry to hear about your little national emergency, and all, but seriously, my being able to blog is more important"!  Instead, I waited (sort of) patiently, and am pleased to announce that we're back in business!  Woo-hoo!  Any-hoo, sorry if anyone missed the event.  Check out my events page for upcoming events...
See you soon!


09/18/2017 9:24pm



Well, that is very sad to hear. I have been waiting for the post about Carnival of Parahorror. It is a shame you were not able to post it. It's alright at least you guys were fine. It's good to hear that nothing bad happened to you during the storm. I'm very glad that you're back to posting blogs again. I will be making sure to check those upcoming events of yours. Keep us updated by posting more often. Thanks!

10/08/2017 11:58pm

Looking forward for more posts like that.


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