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Wow, what a great book of the singing and many people are reading this book to take the better hints how to become at the singer with the passage of time. All the singer has the different quality. Most people attend the singing class in different institutes.

09/16/2017 12:09pm

Sorry, no singing in any of these books...well, except when Shaylan is singing along with the radio in her car (book 4)

09/30/2017 2:32am

I will surely get a copy of that book! I've heard it is a good one. It is shame that I missed that book signing event of yours. I'll make sure that I'll be there the next time you'll sign books. I'm a really huge fan of your writings. I hope I could see you in person. Please keep on posting and updating us of your future events. I sure don't want to miss a thing. Best of luck for you and your work.

10/08/2017 11:57pm

Hope that book would be an interesting thing to read.

01/22/2018 9:49pm

This is an exciting event that should attend by everyone who is an avid reader of her books. This is a chance for a meet and greet and also a book signing event, that will surely you don't want to miss. I always look up to meeting and have a book signing with one of my favorite authors, Every time that I'm reading a book I always admire the authors for writing such a good story and being passionate about writing, that is why many people now are into reading books and the in-demand now are series of some books that you can't take not to read. Thank you for sharing this good news to everyone who is also a fan of her work. Looking forward to more event like this.


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