The long awaited day has finally arrived!  Enlightened Fire is finally done - the final copy is being reviewed for print & will be available any day now.
Phew!  That was one hell of a long, hard fight.  Hopefully Aiden and Shaylan will be more accommodating...look for updates on Enlightened Ice, book 5 in the Enlightened Series.



03/09/2017 4:53am

I am the happiest knowing that this book is now done! I have been longing for updates, I missed the characters so much. I started to read one book and now I already have 5 of them! What I love the most with these books is that they bring me to the other worlds that not all books can. The concept is really catchy, because I have been fond of this genre since I was a kid. I really love the author, Walker! Congratulation for your success.

05/12/2017 2:29am

I am curious about this book because of its cover page. Is it suspense? Tragedy? Or is it horror? I am not a fond of neither so I'm asking that question. Nonetheless, "Enlightened Fire" has a catchy title. I hope to read some reviews about it so that I can decide whether to read it or not. Thank you.

05/19/2017 7:12pm

Enlightened Fire is a paranormal romance. There is graphic violence, but I would not classify it as a horror. Visit my book page for a description of the story...


07/17/2017 7:26pm

I'm glad that you were able to finish your book instantly! Usually, it takes me a month to be able to finish writing a book because it's hard for me to write everyday. I need to have constant inspiration, so that I can write daily. I am the type of person who always gets distracted by the little things so when writing a book, I make sure I have a daily dose of inspiring things to keep me motivated and focused on finishing my book. I like how the cover of your book turned out because it matches its title. That's one way of assuring that you'll be able to capture the attention of your potential readers because there are book covers that seem to be “too much” for its title because it has no relation at all.

03/11/2017 10:54am

Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying the series. I hope you like Fire just as much!


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