So, this is what auto-correct does to my name!  I'm thinking of adopting it!!!  LOL

Signing books in Cleveland!  If you're in the neighbourhood, come check it out...  



03/30/2017 8:31pm

I would love to have you sign my book, but unfortunately I'm far from Cleveland. I bought Enlightened Love, Reborn and Hope from Amazon months ago and it's definitely worth reading. I shared it with my friends who also loves reading. They say it's a breath of fresh air so I guess they liked it the way I do. I plan on buying your latest book next month and I'm excited for what you have written for your readers. Kudos to you!

VK Walker
04/30/2017 10:23pm

I would love to sign your books. Check out my Events page to see where I'm signing...http://erotikatbooks.com/events.html If there are no events in your neighbourhood, feel free to email me at vk_walker(at)erotikatbooks to arrange for purchase of a signed copy.



The people in your neighborhood would be lucky.


Thank you for sharing these amazing details with us.

05/31/2017 10:47pm

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06/01/2017 12:46am

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06/08/2017 1:45am

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