VCon 41



Had a great time at VCon!
Check out my reading of Enlightened Love, book one of the Enlightened Series, on YouTube.



11/08/2016 7:53am


03/22/2017 8:25pm

Everyone who went to vcon had fun. Vcon is the the best! I haven't heard of enlightened love yet. Well, it would be fun reading a new book. Since I haven't read a book for month now, I will check this book out. Anyway, thank you for this. Keep it posting!

11/09/2016 10:53am

This blog has very short content but it is interesting in its sense because writer is sharing his golden memories at Vcon. I hope mostly people will have no idea about Vcon but this article will be very helpful for you in this regard. There you can find its video on youtube as well.

01/28/2017 12:02pm

I have heard of the Enlightened Series. My sister has a copy of the book one. She finished reading it and I might borrow the book from her.The book looks really interesting. I'll probably begin to read it tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I'll check out your video in Youtube.


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