Had an amazing time at Innovations Artists' Emporium!  For those who couldn't make it out, you can still get the books at the store!http://www.innovationsartists.com/


11/11/2016 8:34am

I've visited their site many times because I'm an artist too and i just loved that work. I hope that they would share some more of their ark work and develop ideas in the minds of artists.


I looked at their website, They really have a good store, unique gifts as said in the description. I'm in love with the seashells themed spoons and for decorations. I want to buy some of them! Jewelries caught my full attention besides from the seashell themed spoons. I can't wait to visit their store. Thank you so much, letting us know!


I've recently checked your products on your site and I'm amazed on how you display art in every product. I'm not good on drawing nor painting but I really love art. I used to buy different paintings from different artists. Sometimes, I used to go to a gallery just to fulfill my eyes with wonderful works of art. And when a specific art really caught my attention, I really buy it.

01/20/2017 4:47am

I would like to ask you to add here more details. It should be an interesting thing for all of us.


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