Ever been to one of those parties, where someone pulls out a guitar, and everyone starts singing, and dancing, and having the BEST time?  Imagine a whole weekend like that!

Come check out FilkOntario, in Mississauga...have a great time...get some GREAT autographed books...

See you there!



10/02/2016 5:43pm

That is awesome! what a beautiful weekend it could be to be a part of that. I am excited to know more about the FilkOntario, in Mississauga. The best part in these parties is when we get synced up with one song and everybody will start singing and have fun. I remember when I used to go to parties with my best friend. We had a lot of fun and memorable experiences in those parties.

01/20/2017 4:49am

That was interesting. I would like to thank you for posting those materials here. I really like this topic.

08/04/2017 2:59am

The last time that this happened to me was, last December in a mini reunion at my alma mater. We are all the in the gymnasium just chilling, hanging out, talking and laughing with friends while there is an Electronic Dance Music playing in the background, then suddenly this one Electronic went up on stage with his crew, and started playing live as a band. They played sweet classic rock musics like the song Oasis, sweet child o' mine, and many more! We all jumped to the rock as we are all bonding with our friends and other batches. It was a fun night!


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