I'll be signing books (Enlightened Love & Enlightened Reborn!) at Eerie Con 17, at the Byblos Niagara Resort & Spa, on October 2!  Check it out @:http://www.eeriecon.org/2015/
See you there!


12/18/2016 3:02pm

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I have already read this book; Enlightened Love, for me, it goes like this. Looks are really deceiving. As a Hunter, Jaynos has lived inside the contorted personalities of the shrewd that is the Forsaken; the foe he has shielded humankind from for the greater part of his impressively long life, while attempting to keep up his rational soundness in spite of the steady surge of torment and frightfulness. Similarly as he fears that he is losing his humankind, he is given a mission that progressions everything. Presently he should choose, his kin or his heart?
It really pierced my heart. This book was actually great. I really admire the author for making such a wonderful book as this.

09/28/2017 3:42am

I love collecting books from authors whom I idolized so much. I already had one set of harry potter books but since I saw another set with different design, I also bought it. Unluckily, I haven't yet met the author so I guess I have to wait another century for me to be possible to meet the author. I wish I could meet the author and get an autograph. I also dream to get a lot of autographs from all of my favorite writers whether inside or outside the country.


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