Had a great time, and met some amazing people.  Thanks for the support!

Congratulations to the raffle winners:

Laurel McClaren
Kayla McLaughlin
Betz Cullom
Mike Hill

The books will be mailed out this week!



11/04/2016 12:07pm

Paranormal activities are the worst thing in the world especially for human beings because they don't have ability to tolerate the extreme fear.

10/12/2017 1:10am

Congratulations to the winners! You are all so lucky to receive books from the one and only, V.K. Walker. You are such a very humble person and I really admire you for that. I just feel so bad for missing this giveaway. I'm just hoping that you could do this again next time. I would definitely join and do everything to win the contest.

11/22/2016 2:54am

I'm a person who doesn't believe in ghost. Evil spirits are true. It is made by the devil to scare human beings. However, this is an event designed for people who wants to meet different kinds and new people. I'm a kind of person that always starts the conversation to others. Wider connections can help you with other circumstances. That's why, sometimes, it's good to participate to this kind of events.


This blog is truly extraordinary in all aspects.


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